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water is the essence of all living things and nature’s original refreshment. 

despite this gift, too many of us consume beverages with sweeteners which don’t nourish or fuel us. our bodies are our most valuable resource. we should care for them. what we put in ourselves matters. let’s return to pure and natural: water without the junk.

somewhere along the line people decided that water had to be sweetly flavored or it was boring. we disagree.

hint has all the goodness of water, with delicious flavor.

it’s time for us to take care of ourselves and take the hint. choosing hint is choosing a better you.   not only does this choice impact you, it also impacts the world around you.

at hint, we are dedicated to making nature’s original refreshment accessible to all who need it, one bottle at a time.

join us.

we can start a hint revolution, where people everywhere are able to return to what is pure and natural: water.

to nominate an event, please send an email to:

northern california:

southern california:

new york metro:

new england:

other regions:

partner requirements

we receive many applications to have hint participate at events. we consider each request carefully! to ensure the best fit and success together, please review our partnership requirements:

  • must align with hint values
  • must demonstrate commitment to healthy living
  • must be connected to hint on Facebook
  • must have non-profit status (if requesting free hint)
  • must post monthly testimonials to social media


past partners

  • Cancercare
  • Girls on the Run 5K
  • Taste of Hope
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Autism Speaks


  • The American Business Awards (“The Stevies”)
  • Better Homes & Gardens “Best New Product 2012”
  • FORTUNE “The Most Powerful Women”
  • Ernst & Young “Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2012”