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get FREE shipping on any 3+ cases!

Caffeine without
the calories.

Fruit-infused water
+ natural caffeine
= let’s goooo!

Buy 2 cases of Hint Kick, get 1 variety pack FREE.
$39.98 + FREE shipping

buy 2 get 1 FREE Hint Kick - 0 calories, 0g suger; pumpkin spice latte - 380 calories, 50g sugar

Buy 2 cases of Hint Kick™,
get 1 variety pack FREE

Hint Kick variety bundle <br> <span>36 bottles (16 ounces each)</span>

Hint Kick variety bundle
36 bottles (16 ounces each)

18 bottles of black raspberry Hint Kick
18 bottles of apple pear Hint Kick

$60.97 $39.98

over 30% off + FREE shipping

terms and conditions

Limited time offer. To receive discount, customer must purchase the preassembled Hint Kick™ Variety Bundle. Bundle includes 1 case each of apple pear Hint Kick, black raspberry Hint Kick, and the Hint Kick variety pack. Includes free shipping. Cannot be combined with other promotions. No returns or exchanges. Other terms and conditions may apply.