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Latest News:


Food Trends (hint kids featured)

Food and Nutrition

May-June 2019


Take a hint and hydrate at Hint

Marina Times

April 2019


Kara Goldin and Hint on Extra (video)


Apr. 24, 2019


Luxury footwear guru Tamara Mellon, Hint Water mastermind Kara Goldin, and 4 more experts share their tricks for making an e-commerce business a runaway success

Business Insider

Apr. 23, 2019


Kiss Your Soda Cravings Goodbye With These 12 Healthy Bubbly Alternatives


Apr. 18, 2019


Hint ignites unsweetened, flavored water craze

Beverage Industry

Apr. 8, 2019


4 self-made millionaires reveal the best investments they ever made


Apr. 5, 2019


Meet the woman behind Hint, a refreshing beverage company (video featuring Kara Goldin)


Mar. 7, 2019


A PayPal supports International Women’s Day with discussion on gender and pay balance (video featuring Kara Goldin)

The Drum

Mar. 4, 2019


A CEO shares the key question all startups should keep in mind when pivoting to a new product

Business Insider

Feb. 27, 2019


A CEO gives the same piece of advice to all new entrepreneurs

Business Insider

Feb. 23, 2019


Halle Berry Says She Drinks 4 Caffeinated Hint Waters During Every Workout

Women's Health

Feb. 22, 2019


On the Money: Beyond Water (interview with hint CEO Kara Goldin; video)


Jan. 25, 2019


Startups Can Lead Kids to Water But It’s Harder to Make Them Drink


Jan. 4, 2019


Holi-Detox: Drop the Sugar Cookies and Pick Yourself Up


Jan. 4, 2019


hint launches kid-friendly Tetra boxes that help children drink more water

Parenting Healthy

Jan. 1, 2019


29 Things That’ll Help You Drink More Water In 2019


Dec. 21, 2018


In the Elevator With Hint CEO Kara Goldin

Wall Street Journal

Dec. 6, 2018


Being an outsider has its advantages, says the founder and CEO of Hint

Southwest Magazine

December 2018


Kara Goldin Helps People Fall in Love with Water


Nov. 28, 2018


GIFT PICK: Limited-Edition Sparkling Peppermint Hint Water

The Nibble Blog

Nov. 28, 2018


Better Products for Healthier Bodies:Conversation with Kara Goldin, Founder & CEO of hint, Inc.


Nov. 21, 2018


The Native Society Interview: Kara Goldin: Founder & CEO, hint, Inc.

The Native Society

Nov. 16, 2018


Peppermint Sparkling Water Is Like a Christmas Party for Your Tastebuds

Brit + Co

Nov. 8, 2018


Trailblazer Girl Review: hint

Trailblazer Girl

Oct. 24, 2018


Hint Redesigns, Adds Flavors As Company Grows


Oct. 15, 2018


5 sunscreens that won't hurt coral reefs

San Francisco Chronicle

Oct. 10, 2018


Gaining 50lbs Inspired This CEO to Start a Company


Oct. 8, 2018


How Great Design Breeds Cult-Like Brand Loyalty


Oct. 5, 2018


Phoenix woman's drinks, products inspired by Arizona's natural surroundings (video)


Sep. 29, 2018


Kara Goldin and hint featured on Good Morning Arizona (video)

Good Morning Arizona

Sep. 9, 2018


Bay Area People: hint (video)


Sep. 10, 2018


Every Time I Apply This Sunscreen, I Feel Like I'm on a Tropical Vacation


Aug. 28, 2018


Here's how the anti-sugar craze is boosting healthy beverage sales


Aug. 24, 2018


Hint Water Founder Puts Money Where Her Follicles Are

Marketing Daily

Aug. 16, 2018


There's a 'water bar' in San Francisco that will pour you shots of fruit water, not booze — take a look inside

Business Insider

Aug. 5, 2018


I've Tried Dozens of Sunscreens, and This Is My Favorite


Jul. 20, 2018


Hint Opens First Retail Store in San Francisco


Jul. 19, 2018


After soaring past $90 million in revenue, Hint goes beyond water and into retail

San Francisco Business Times

Jul. 13, 2018


Sunscreens For Summer 2018

Hollywood Life

July 2018


theSkimm’s Guide to Sunscreen


Jun. 14, 2018


Beauty & the Best: Sunscreens and Sun-Soothers

Beauty News NYC

Jun. 13, 2018


Q&A: Founder and CEO of Hint Water Talks Amazon and CPG Brands


May. 23, 2018


6 Refreshing, Healthy Ways to Satisfy Soda Cravings

Food & Wine

Dec. 28, 2017


18 Peppermint-Flavored Products That Are Only Around During The Holidays


Dec. 13, 2017


Kara Goldin on the Steve Jobs Quote That Gives Her Strength in Difficult Times

Thrive Global

Dec. 8, 2017


Kara Goldin Finds Sweet Success With Hint


Nov. 25, 2017


How This Fast-Growth CEO Can Tell if You're a Fit for Her Company


Nov. 20, 2017


ASU Alumna Changing the Beverage Game with 'Hint' Water


Nov. 20, 2017


12 Women Leaders Share Their Secrets on Staying Energized


Nov. 9, 2017


How a Tech Perspective Helped Hint’s Kara Goldin Build a $100 Million Brand

BevNET Taste Radio

Oct. 27, 2017


When the Founder of this $90 Million Beverage Company Needs Advice, These are the Women she Turns to


Oct, 26, 2017


A Day in the Life of Hint Founder and CEO Kara Goldin


Oct. 19, 2017


I tried the flavored water stocked at Facebook, Yahoo, and Google, and now I get why Silicon Valley loves it

Business Insider

Oct 11, 2017


Wellness Spotlight: Q&A With Hint Founder and CEO Kara Goldin

Beauty LaunchPad

Sept. 14, 2017


Bye Bye Sugar. Local drinks that deliver flavor ithout the fake stuff

Marin Magazine

Aug 25, 2017


Summer Skincare Shopping in Sonoma

Sonoma Magazine

Aug 15, 2017


Hint Water CEO on Being an "Accidental Entreprenerur"

Darling Magazine

Aug 15, 2017


Featured Entrepreneur: Kara Goldin

Step Up Magazine

Aug 14, 2017


How hint Water Founder Kara Goldin Botles her Happiness


Aug 11, 2017


Back to school: Pack a healthy lunch for your child


Aug 8, 2017


Back to School Beauty Essentials for Every Age


Aug 7, 2017


This Female Entrepreneur is Disrupting the $99 Billion Soda Industry

The Hustle

Aug 3, 2017


6 Thirst-Quenching Ways to Celebrate National Watermelon Day

Real Simple

Aug 3, 2017


The Entrepreneur Behind a $90 Million Company Shares How You Can Get Past the Naysayers to Build a Successful Business


Aug 3, 3017


27 Beach Essentials Perfect For A Weekend Getaway

Women's Health

Aug 2, 2017


Are You Ready To Celebrate National Watermelon Day?


July 27, 2017


14 Summer Essentials That Every Beach Babe Needs


July 18, 2017


The Beauty Product Launches We’re Living For in 2017


July 17, 2017


Celebrating 11 Years of Entreprenurial Advice


July 6: 2017


30 New Skincare Products For Summer That Are Actually Worth Your Money


July 4, 2017


10 New Beauty Products to Scoop Up in July


July 1, 2017


Beach Bags Essentials

Good Day LA

June 29, 2017


7 Sunscreens That Are Mom (and Editor!) Approved


June 24, 2017


Hint Water CEO Has a Fountain of Tips for Entrepreneurs

San Francisco Business Times

June 20, 2017


Your Guide to Safe, Nontoxic Sunscreen for Your Family


June 13, 2017


Why failing - like "wonder woman" gal gadot once did- is actually a good thing


June 10, 2017


Kara Goldin of Hint talks about the future of water


June 6, 2017


How Hint Water Has Become The De Facto Official Drink Of Silicon Valley


June 6, 2017


Kara Goldin's Son Asked Her Why Women Aren't CEOS. Her Reaction was Perfect.


June 7, 2017


Hint Water Expands for Second Time this year in San Francisco
San Francisco Business Times

May 23, 2017

Why One Founder Says its Crucial to Question Assumptions and Constantly Improve


May 3, 2017


How the founder of Hint Water says she proved naysayers wrong

ABC News

Apr. 28, 2017


How to go from Underdog to Maverick CEO: Trust Your Gut and Don't Give Up


Mar. 9, 2017


How One Brand Went From Selling Beverages to Selling Sunscreen


Mar. 1, 2017


Flavored Water Brand Hint Gets Into Beauty


Feb. 8, 2017: Kara Goldin has gone from the Silicon Valley tech scene to beverage entrepreneur and is now entering the beauty world with a range of sunscreen available in three scents that mirror her beverages.


How Hint Water Founder Kara Goldin Bottles Her Happiness


Feb. 2, 2017: Kara Goldin wants to keep us healthy and hydrated. She is the founder and CEO of SF-based hint Inc., which produces the leading flavored water with no sweeteners and nothing artificial.


What 13 Highly Successful People Read Every Morning

Business Insider

Sept. 13, 2016: Hint Water’s founder and CEO considers her morning a critical part of her day and devotes the wee hours of the morning to checking her email and schedule.


Connections: An Interview Series With Entrepreneurs


Sept. 12, 2016: Kara Goldin is the founder and CEO of San Francisco-based hint Inc., which produces the leading flavored water with no sweeteners and nothing artificial.


Cut Calories and Sugar With Infused Water

Highlands Ranch Herald

Aug. 2, 2016: The trend caught on in recent years. Supermarkets carry brands of it, such as Hint Water — 16 oz. of water with a splash of fruit.


Six Surprisingly Simple Ideas That Made Millions

Yahoo! Finance

July 25, 2016: After leaving her job at AOL in 2001, Goldin, a wife and mother of three, developed an interest in healthy foods and beverages. A longtime diet-soda drinker, she found it difficult to give up artificially sweetened drinks. “I aspired to drink plain water but found it boring,” Goldin says.


Hint Water’s A Hit: Drink Brand Born In Kitchen Will Do $90M Sales In 2016


July 5, 2016: The idea for Hint Water as a brand rather than a hobby came on a 2004 trip to her local Whole Foods in San Francisco, when Goldin realized she couldn’t buy a bottled version of the fruit-infused water she’d made in her kitchen, without sugar or sweeteners.


Hint’s CEO Talks Beginnings, Evolving Business [VIDEO]

May 2, 2016: Back at 2015’s Celebrate conference in Downtown Las Vegas, got the chance to sit down with Hint’s CEO and founder Kara Goldin to talk about her company and the journey to entrepreneurship she has endured.


How Hint Water Made Kara Goldin a Business Tycoon

Industry Leaders

Mar. 28, 2016: Almost a decade ago, Kara Goldin, a mother of three children with her fourth child on the way, wanted her family to eat healthier by consuming natural foods. She was so unhappy with the amounts of preservatives and sugar her drinks had, as she was habituated to drinking 10 to 12 cans of diet coke a day.


Hint Water Founder’s Passion For Health Drives Unsweetened Success


Mar. 23, 2016: Kara Goldin talks about sugar as if it were a bad thing–a very bad thing. Goldin, the founder of $30 million beverage company hint®, launched the company in 2005 after developing the unsweetened flavored water in her home kitchen as a healthy alternative to the sweetened juices she had been buying for her kids.


How High for Hint?


Mar. 9 2016: Even after a decade in the beverage business Kara Goldin still hasn’t mastered the art of the hard sell. “We’re probably the only beverage company that encourages people to drink tap water,” the Hint Water founder and CEO says with a laugh.


How This Entrepreneur Turned Her Diet Coke Addiction Into a Company


Jan. 22, 2016: Kara Goldin always found water plain and boring. She swore by Diet Coke and drank about 10 to 12 cans a day. “I was exhausted, I weighed more than I wanted to weigh, and I also had terrible acne.”


What it’s Like to Be a Non-Tech Company in Silicon Valley


Jan. 15, 2016: The CEO of Hint Water explains.


9 Girl Bosses on How They Make Time for Themselves

Marie Claire

Jan. 8, 2016: While I am great at multitasking, when it’s time for me, it’s time for me! Daily exercise is the most important thing for me to start my day, and *no one* is going to interrupt that.


8 Entrepreneurs On The Magic Moment When They Knew Their Startup Had Made It

Fast Company

Nov. 25, 2015: When I started hearing from conference organizers that Coke and Pepsi executives requested that I not be on their panels, I knew Hint was on to something big! Their concern was that the audience would get focused on ‘the wrong things’ versus ‘their innovation.’


Hint Water: From Boots on the Ground to Whole Foods Shelves

Nov. 17, 2015: Although marketing and brand awareness was not a major theme, it was brought to light during a fireside chat between Hint Water Founder and CEO Kara Goldin and Mixergy Founder Andrew Warner.


Spice Attacks the Beverage Aisle


Oct. 21, 2015: Last month, flavored water brand Hint launched a new caffeinated brand extension called Hint Kick, a three-SKU line that includes a lemon cayenne variety. Hint founder Kara Goldin said that the product was designed to be flavorful and unique as compared to other enhanced waters.


Kara Goldin’s Scrappy Journey to $70M in Revenue

Oct. 6, 2015: Kara Goldin is the founder and CEO of Hint Water, a company that created a type of flavored watercompletely untarnished by terrible ingredients. That means no diet sweeteners and preservatives; additionally, the water is also gluten-free, non-gmo, vegan, and contains zero calories.


Silicon Valley’s Healthy Energy Drink Heading to NYC

New York Post

Sept. 13, 2015: Coke and coffee weren’t healthy enough for Google engineers who pull caffeine-fueled all-nighters writing computer code — so they got a replacement. The product, Hint Kick, which is stocked in refrigerators all over Silicon Valley ranging from Facebook to Yelp, is hitting New York City stores this month.


A Successful CEO Shares 5 Tricks for Boosting Your Productivity While Traveling

Business Insider

Aug. 21, 2015: Part of building a successful small business is keeping your foot on the gas even when you aren’t in the office. Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint Water, a flavored-water company, has developed habits that help her stay productive while traveling.


Hint’s Founder Was Inspired By A Coke Executive Who Told Her, ‘Sweetie, Americans Like Sweet!’


July 6, 2015: Back in 2004 Kara Goldin was a stay-at-home mom with three kids and another on the way when she decided she wanted to lose weight, clear up her acne and wean her family off sugary drinks. She purged her fridge of soda and juice and dropped some pomegranate seeds, raspberries, lime and blueberries into a pitcher.


6 Foods That Should Be Added to School Lunch Programs

Yahoo! Lifestyle

June 30, 2015: It’s boring enough for an adult to try to gulp down eight glasses of water daily. There’s no way plain H2O can compete for a kid’s palate against the sugary, bubble-bursting taste of soda. That’s where Hint water comes in.


Mompreneur Spotlight: Founder of Hint Water, Kara Goldin


May 5, 2015: When Kara Goldin started putting fruit in her water 10 years ago, she had no idea that she had stumbled upon a business idea that would eventually lead to the creation of a new category in the beverage industry, grow to a 40 million dollar company, and help her lose over 25 pounds in the process.