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people know they should drink more , but they don't. people know they should wear more sunscreen, but they don't. because in both cases, it's simply not a great experience.

Kara, founder

 photo from Kara, founder

it's water. just tastier.

at hint, we believe boring doesn't have to stay boring. or that good health should be compromised for good taste. we're turning the things you have to do—like drinking water and wearing sunscreen—into things you love to do.

why people love hint

see what people are saying about our water and sunscreen.


great for kids

"thank you, Kara! we purchase hint as a staple in our home. our son has medical needs that require extra hydration. his issues don’t allow him to have many choices for food or drink. with hint, he can choose whatever flavor 12 pack he’s feeling each week. seems small, but it’s monumental for him. keep up the great work."

Michelle H.

verified buyer

life-changing water

“i hate regular water, so this is a life changing thing for me. so happy I tried it. love it.”

Stephanie R.

verified buyer

sugar-free refreshment

"as a Type 1 diabetic of 20 years, hint has been an answer to my prayers. delicious, refreshing drink with no sugar!"

Ginger M.

verified buyer


"my new obsession. i LOVE the strawberry kiwi. who needs soda? not this girl! down lbs already too!

Janet T.

verified buyer