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A Greener Future
A Greener Future
A Greener Future

Sustainability Goals



Ensure our customers enjoy a
safe product that is sourced
responsibly and good for them

A smaller footprint

A Smaller Footprint

Reduce our environmental impact
across our supply chain



Invest in research to find more
sustainable production and
packaging solutions

Environmental Responsibility in Every Choice We Make

hint water bottle

The Water
We Source

It all starts with water. The delicious, well-rounded taste of Hint can only be made with exceptionally pure water. We use a mix of reverse-osmosis, deionization, and ultra-violet purification to create a refreshing water worthy of our outstanding flavors.

The flavors with formulate

The Flavors We Formulate

We infuse our water with complex and exacting flavors, so they really taste like fruit.

Our flavor formulas are a closely held secret, but our fruit essences are all derived from fruits, vegetables, and spices.

It’s no wonder that Hint’s fans rave about the true fruit flavor in every bottle.

The production process

The Production Process We Follow

At Hint, we believe in localizing our bottling process. We produce our bottles, label them, and press our caps in the same facilities where we purify and infuse our water and fill our bottles – all of which are in the United States. We have significantly grown the number of production facilities that we use to create Hint, and they are spread across the US so that we can produce our product closer to where our customers shop and live.

By shrinking our supply chain, we can reduce the amount of fossil fuels when producing Hint and transporting it to your local retail stores — or when delivering it to your doorstep.

The Packaging
We Choose

We are constantly evaluating all of the packaging options available for Hint, and, currently, 100% recyclable PET bottles make the most sense for product quality, customer satisfaction, and the environment for the majority of our customers.

Our Bottles are made from 100% Recyclable PET

100% Recyclable Cap

100% Recyclable Cap

PET is safe for beverage use

PET is safe for beverage use with no plastic leaching (Certified by the FDA)

No BPA or Other Plasticizer Chemicals

No BPA or Other Plasticizer Chemicals

40% less PET

Our latest bottles use 40% less PET than earlier versions

Aluminum Cans

Introducing Hint In Aluminum Cans

Our newest initiative in Hint packaging, aluminum cans, is lightweight and recyclable, and it allows us to provide another option to meet the sustainability initiatives of some of our customers.

Alternatives Don’t Quite Live Up To Their Promise Yet

Water droplet

Plant-based Plastics require a lot of water and energy to produce and need to be refrigerated to avoid heat damage when transported.

Water droplet

Glass Bottles require more energy to produce than any other type of bottle. And because of their weight, they consume a tremendous amount of energy when transported.

Water droplet

Boxes are heavier than plastic bottles, which drives up energy usage when transporting. Plus, they are layered with plastic and aluminum, which makes
them harder to recycle.

Where Do We Go
From Here?

We recognize that there is a
lot more work to do. And we’re challenging ourselves to continue innovating over the next decade.

We recognize that
there is alot more work to do. And we’re challenging ourselves to continue innovating over the next decade.


Opened More Local Bottling Plants

These get us closer to customers and help further reduce the carbon emissions that are generated by shipping.


Expand Zero Waste Water Purification System

The ultimate goal is to have this instituted in all of our bottling facilities.


Produce Bottles with 100% rPET

The technology for producing high-quality recycled PET (rPET) is advancing quickly. Hint is committed to transitioning to 100% rPET bottles, eliminating virgin plastic which will further reduce our carbon footprint.

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We want to hear from you

Do you have suggestions or questions about Hint’s sourcing, manufacturing, and bottling processes?

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