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hint in the press

The Latest News About hint and Our CEO Kara Goldin

  • Entrepreneur - 7/3/19

    How 7 High-Performing CEOs Maintain Massive Momentum in Their Businesses

  • Business Insider - 7/2/19

    Entrepreneurs share the most extreme things they did to land a dream role

  • AdAge - 6/27/19

    Why (and how) Hint is Breaking the Rules of Brand Extensions

  • Cannes Lions - 6/19/19

    Taking the BS out of Business (Cannes Lions presentation by Kara Goldin)

  • Adweek - 6/13/19

    From AOL Executive to Beverage Industry Disruptor: Kara Goldin on Her Baby, Hint

  • CNBC - 6/28/19

    ‘I didn’t invest in Uber’—and 5 other millionaires on their biggest money regrets (featuring Kara Goldin)

  • Essential Homme - 6/10/19

    Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019: For the New Dad

  • Yahoo! Finance - 6/6/19

    Hint Water CEO on the Beverage Industry (video)

  • Business Insider - 6/6/19

    5 top CEOs reveal the glaring signs that it’s time to find a new job

  • Extra - 5/30/19

    Kara Goldin and Hint Sunscreen on Extra (video)

  • KTLA - 5/24/19

    Boosting Your Wellness Routine

  • Fearless Fabulous You - 5/17/19

    Hint CEO Kara Goldin on Fearless Fabulous You Podcast

  • - 5/15/19

    Travel Hacks Business Titans Swear By

  • - 5/14/19

    5 Leading Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for Bootstrapping a Business

  • Marina Times - April 2019

    Take a hint and hydrate at Hint

  • Extra - 4/24/19

    Kara Goldin and Hint on Extra (video)

  • Business Insider - 4/23/19

    Luxury footwear guru Tamara Mellon, Hint Water mastermind Kara Goldin, and 4 more experts share their tricks for making an e-commerce business a runaway success

  • Popsugar - 4/18/19

    Kiss Your Soda Cravings Goodbye With These 12 Healthy Bubbly Alternatives

  • Beverage Industry - 4/8/19

    Hint ignites unsweetened, flavored water craze

  • CNBC - 4/5/19

    4 self-made millionaires reveal the best investments they ever made

  • Business Insider - 2/27/19

    A CEO shares the key question all startups should keep in mind when pivoting to a new product

  • Business Insider - 2/23/19

    A CEO gives the same piece of advice to all new entrepreneurs

  • Women's Health - 2/22/19

    Halle Berry Says She Drinks 4 Caffeinated Hint Waters During Every Workout

  • Bloomberg - 1/4/19

    Startups Can Lead Kids to Water But It’s Harder to Make Them Drink

  • Parenting Healthy - 1/1/19

    hint launches kid-friendly Tetra boxes that help children drink more water

see more recent press
  • CNBC – 1/25/19

    On The Money: Beyond Water

    Entrepreneur Kara Goldin used to drink several diet sodas a day, but after switching to water found she felt healthier. Bored with the taste of plain water, she launched a company making flavored water with no sugar or diet sweeteners in 2005...[read more]

  • Shape – 10/8/18

    Gaining 50lbs Inspired This CEO to Start a Company

    For the founder and CEO of Hint water, beauty means sending good stuff out into the world…[read more]

  • Health – 8/28/18

    Every Time I Apply This Sunscreen, I Feel Like I'm on a Tropical Vacation

    It almost makes me want to slather it on, even on rainy days that I’m spending exclusively indoors—it’s that good…[read more]

  • ABC No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis - 8/17/18

    No Limits Podcast Episode #20: Kara Goldin, Hint Water Founder & CEO

    You've probably seen Hint flavored water in your grocery store boasting no sweeteners or anything artificial...In this episode she talks about how she created her company from the ground up, infiltrating the beverage industry, and her advice for any entrepreneur trying to build something...[read more]

  • Business Insider – 8/5/18

    There's a 'water bar' in San Francisco that will pour you shots of fruit water, not booze

    Flavored water company Hint launched the concept at its recently-opened retail location in the city's Cow Hollow neighborhood, right next to the company's headquarters…[read more]

  • BevNet - 12/11/18

    Hint Launches Unsweetened Flavored Water Boxes for Kids

    “We want to help the whole family lead healthier lives,” says Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of hint…[read more]

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