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bottled water variety packs

the best healthy bottled water, top-selling flavors— all in one pack

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classic variety pack hint® water - $21.00


1 case of 12 bottles

top sellers variety pack hint® water

top sellers variety pack hint® water - $21.00


1 case of 12 bottles

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hint® water variety pack - $21.00$17.00

$21.00 $17.00

1 case of 12 bottles

Is drinking eight cups of water a day getting boring? Try a variety pack of our fruit-flavored bottled water. Our variety water packs are ideal for people who love to switch it up. By having readily available, portable, serving-size containers of water at your fingertips, you’re a lot more likely to stay hydrated. When there’s a variety of flavors to choose from, drinking water never gets boring. Today you can sip on blackberry-infused water, tomorrow try our pineapple- or watermelon-infused bottled water. Trends and health fads come and go, but there’s one fact that remains: Water is good for you, and you’re probably not getting enough of it. Check out our wide selection of bottled water pack flavors and find out how easy it is to stay hydrated.