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eGiftCard Terms and Conditions

Hint, Inc. eGiftCard Terms and Conditions

1. eGiftCard.

Hint eGiftCards may only be redeemed for the purchase of merchandise at for one time purchases and not for subscriptions. Purchases will be deducted from the amount of an eGiftCard until the value reaches zero. eGiftCards may not be used or redeemed for certain designated promotional offers and may not be applied as payment on any customer account. You may not use an eGiftCard to purchase other eGiftCards. Void if resold or transferred for value. By purchasing this eGiftCard, you agree that the laws of the State of California, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern this Agreement.

2. No Returns or Cancellations.

You may not return or cancel your Hint eGiftCard after it is issued to you.

3. Our Policies.

eGiftCards are subject to Hint's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


4. Third Party Service.

We may use a third party service or application, such as Shopkeeper Tools or other similar service, to generate eGiftCards.  Those parties shall be service providers, who, by agreement with Hint, are only entitled to use any personal information they collect about you in order to perform their service.  For instance, such third parties may need to store your name and customized message in order to show it on the eGiftCard you purchase.  They may also need to store the email address of your recipient in order to issue the eGiftCard.  After fulfillment, and where possible, such third parties will remove this personal information from their servers.  They will not collect your postal address, demographic information, login information, payment data, extended order history or other data.

5. Payment Methods.

eGiftCards may be paid for with a valid VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

6. Delivery Information and Requirements for eGiftCard Purchasers.

All orders of eGiftCards are subject to a process that compares the purchaser’s information provided to Hint with information about the purchaser provided by the purchaser's financial institution. If there is a discrepancy, your eGiftCard order may be delayed until it can be corrected. If the date on which you want an eGiftCard delivered has passed and you have not received confirmation that the eGiftCard was sent, please contact Customer Support at Please refer to your order number or email address. We are not responsible for eGiftCards that are undeliverable or not received due to your failure to enter an accurate email address for the recipient. Please check to make sure the email address of the recipient of the eGiftCard is correct and contact Customer Support at if you suspect the recipient of the eGiftCard did not receive his/her eGiftCard.

7. Reasons for Failed Delivery of an eGiftCard.

If you have confirmed the recipient's email address but the eGiftCard has not been viewed within a reasonable period after the requested delivery date, the following is a list of the most common reasons why delivery may have failed:

    1. Spam filter blocked email or routed it to a bulk/spam folder
    2. Recipient's firewall blocked the email
    3. Email inbox is over size limit
    4. Invalid email address

If a spam filter is blocking emails from getting to an inbox, your email options will need to be modified so that emails are not considered spam. If you need further assistance, contact Customer Support. Please refer to your order number or email address.

8. If an eGiftCard code is non-functional, your sole remedy against us and our sole liability shall be the full replacement of such eGiftCard.

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