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Water: Essential for Every System and Organ in Your Body

Water makes up a huge percentage of every organ system. And it performs critical functions in each part of the body. Here’s just a sampling:

The first point about the brain’s need for water bears repeating. In several research studies lack of hydration had several detrimental effects on brain function. One study completed in 2018 with over 3000 adult participants, showed that lack of proper hydration adversely affected emotional well-being and heightened anxiety levels. Another study found that young adults who don’t drink enough water showed decreased cognitive functions.There’s plenty of evidence out there showing the positive effects of drinking water. At Hint, we focus on making the most delicious water on earth using flavors that perfectly reflect their fruit origins. We don’t make any specific health claims about our product, but we proudly offer a water that is free of sweeteners, sugar, and preservatives. Check out our delicious array of 20+ flavored waters at

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